HEILAND LED head for enlarger

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Add a modern touch to your enlarger

  • Modern LED head

  • Multigrade

  • Replaces your old light source

  • Compatible with about 40 enlargers

  • German production

  • Available to order

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HEILAND Classic Control System for LED Head

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HEILAND - Color control module for LED head

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Replace the original source of your enlarger (often a halogen lamp or incandescent lamp, very energy consuming, and increasingly difficult to obtain) by a modern LED panel, stable and very energy efficient.

The HEILAND head works with LEDs of three primary colors: red, green and blue. This allows to obtain a white light for focusing, to have an inactinic light (without filter) and to vary the contrast in a very precise way, by 0,1 grade.


In addition, the wavelengths are perfectly designed to be within the sensitivity spectrum of the multi-grade paper, making the light output as efficient as possible.

The light intensity is also easily adjustable over two stops, to cope with all paper sensitivities.

There are three ways to control the LED head:

  • The classic, simple control module. If you are used to multigrade heads and like to keep control, this is the solution for you.
  • The SPLITGRADE control module. All adjustments are calculated by the SPLITGRADE module.
  • The COLOR control module. For color printing applications, or for black and white printing, independently managing the MAGENTA and YELLOW channels

Advantages of this technology:

  • Full gradation control, from 00 to 5, in 0.1 grade increments;
  • Light intensity control on two diaphragms
  • Strong decrease in the number of replicas
  • No ignition latency;
  • No ventilation, so no vibration, no heat and no noise;
  • No heating of the negative, which remains flat, even with glassless holders;
  • Integrated inactinic lighting: easy paper positioning;
  • Very efficient light quality, allowing short exposure times, despite low electrical power;
  • Variable light intensity;
  • No lamp replacement required;
  • The white light makes it easier to focus;
  • Perfect homogeneity of the light on the whole surface;
  • Ideal for enlarging valuable archival negatives because there are no heat marks;
  • Solid construction.

Optional: SPLITGRADE system:

The Splitgrade system consists of an analysis module and a densitometric probe. The system calculates for you the exposure time and contrast for an optimal result, obtained quickly.

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