HEILAND Yellow/Red LED Laboratory Lantern

214,90 €
  • LED Laboratory Lantern for B&W and Color

  • Lighting color: yellow or red

  • Daylight AND inactinic lighting

  • Variable power

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This HEILAND laboratory lantern uses LED technology to allow you to work safely (even in humid environments thanks to its 12V power supply), and to adapt your lighting to your work space. Its tubular design provides a homogeneous light, even in large rooms.

The LEDs allow for immediate switching on and off.

Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Features :

  • Uniform light
  • No bulb replacement
  • Wavelength of the red inactinic light: 630 nm (for black and white processes)
  • Wavelength of the yellow inactinic light: 590 nm (for the handling of color papers)
  • Variable intensity
  • Power supply: 12 V DC
  • Length: 1 m

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