BERGGER Prestige Paper Variable CB Warm Style Semi-gloss

48,74 €
  • Semi-gloss baryta paper with warm tone

  • Chlorobromide emulsion

  • Ivory base

  • Turning possibilities

  • Surface : Semi glossy - Semi glossy
Photo paper size
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BERGGER Prestige VARIABLE CB Style is a warm tone semi-gloss baryta paper.

It is possible to produce either soft or hard images thanks to the blue and green color sensitizers incorporated in the emulsion.

Contrasts from 0 to 5 can be obtained using the usual filter sets.

The rigidity of its 280 g/m² baryta base allows all types of enlargements.

The chlorobrume emulsion is suitable for Selenium (Bergger Selenium) or Gold (Bergger Goldtoner) bends.

Its ivory base with a silky texture makes it a baryta paper without equal.

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Red inactinic lighting for multi-contrast is recommended. With a 15 watt lamp in direct lighting, the working distance should be 1.5 m. Exposure for more than 2 minutes could lead to fogging. It is useful to check the safety lighting from time to time by doing a fog test.


Prestige Variable CB can be exposed to all light sources used in enlargers and printers. Be aware that some older types of cold light tubes require more intense yellow filtration. As an example, with Kodak filters, the correct exposure times would be: 8 sec. with filters 0, 1 and 2; 9 sec. with filter 3 and 27 sec. with filters 4 and 5.


Process in any good quality paper developer. At 20°C for 1.5 to 2 minutes with constant stirring. BERGGER developers are particularly recommended.


Although optional, the use of a stop bath is recommended. This quickly stops the action of the developer by neutralising the alkali, which will extend the use life of the fixer (45 cc of 28% acetic acid for 1 litre of water). Recommended time: 15 seconds, or rinse with running water for 20 to 30 seconds.

FIXING (maximum time: 10 minutes)

Fix in a conventional sodium thiosulphate fixative for a minimum of 5 minutes at 20°C. For 1 litre of ready-to-use fixative, approximately 1.5m2 of PRESTIGE card can be treated. If desired, the two-bath fixing method (2.5 min. per bath) can be used. When the first bath is exhausted, it is replaced by the second bath and a fresh "second bath" is used. With this method, you avoid problems of insufficient fixing.

With an ammonium thiosulphate ("fast ") fixative, treat only for 30-45 seconds and pre-wash thoroughly for 5 min. Then treat in a wash agent (see "WASHING" below) with frequent agitation for 10 min. before the final wash.


The use of a washing agent (such as Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent) reduces the washing time and increases its efficiency. It also helps to ensure that the prints are well preserved.
Wash the PRESTIGE card under running water with the necessary flow of water every 5 minutes. The washing time is 1 hour at 20°C or 30 minutes if a washing agent is used.


To improve the speed of drying a wetting agent can be used in the final rinse. Excess water can be removed from the plate surface with a clean sponge or rubber scraper. The prints should then be dried in dust-free air on a grid or on blotters.


Prestige Variable CB is particularly well suited to most toning, reworking and mounting methods.