ARS-IMAGO LAB-BOX + module 135 and 120 (GREEN)

199 €

Universal and modular: a single system allows both 135 and 120 films to be processed, simply by changing the loading module.

Compact and portable: its small size makes it easy to carry, in a bag or backpack.

Fast and easy: the rolls can be loaded and developed in daylight, thanks to a simple and intuitive process.

Versatile and professional: LAB-BOX is perfectly suited to both beginners and professionals, offering the possibility to experiment with different ways of developing.

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LAB-BOX is a multi-format "full day" development tank. It allows you to develop in daylight, from start to finish, without having to go through the "darkroom".

Thanks to its two interchangeable modules, and its multi-format coils, the LAB-BOX can be used to develop 135 or 120.


  • The 135 (35mm)∑∑ m odule has a slot to position the cartridge, which is then locked in place. The film is clipped in, and the lid is closed so that by turning the side knob, the film will wrap around the spiral. Once fully on the spiral, an internal blade will cut the film, separating it from the cartridge.

  • The 120 module has two compartments: the roll is positioned in the top compartment and the film will be loaded automatically in the bottom compartment. Once the lid is closed, the back paper must be pulled through a slot at the back. Once this has been done, the lid can be opened to clip the film. It is then closed again to wind the film onto the spool using the side button.

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