KODAK - TMAX P3200 135-36
KODAK - TMAX P3200 135-36

KODAK T-MAX P3200 35mm

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  • Panchromatic film

  • Film : Black and white
  • Format : 24x36 film
  • Sensitivity: ISO 3200
  • Grain : Moderate
  • Number of views: 36
  • Process : B&W
  • Coding : DX

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It is a multi-sensitivity, continuous-tone, panchromatic spectral-sensitive film that combines high to very high sensitivity with a relatively fine grain size.

It is especially useful for fast action shots in low light environments, or for situations that require a high depth of field and a high shutter speed. 

It is also an excellent choice for night photography.

According to KODAK, this film can be exposed up to ISO 25,000.

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