KENTMERE 400 - 35 mm x 30 m
KENTMERE 400 - 35 mm x 30 m

KENTMERE PAN 400 35mm x 30,5m

96,49 €
  • Panchromatic film

  • Film : Black and white
  • Format: 35mm x 30.5m spool
  • Sensitivity: 400 ISO
  • Grain: End
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Kentmere 400 is a high-sensitivity, black and white film suitable for a wide variety of situations where lighting conditions are average to poor.

The excellent sharpness and grey scale make this film a good choice for beginners or those returning to film.

The Kentmere film range was created by Ilford and the quality is up to Ilford standards.

The Kentmere 400 is panchromatic and can be developed in a variety of developers, both in small tanks and in machines.

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