SFX 200 ISO - 1 roll 120
SFX 200 ISO - 1 roll 120

ILFORD SFX 200 ISO 120 (expired)

7,91 €
9,30 €
9,30 €
  • Panchromatic film

  • Film : Black and white
  • Format: Film 120
  • Sensitivity : 200 ISO
  • Support: Acetate
  • Process : B&W

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Expiry date: 06/2023

SFX 200 is a medium sensitivity film for creative photography. It has an extended spectral sensitivity in the red and is therefore particularly suitable for shooting with a filter to create special effects.

By using a dark red filter, it enhances the blue skies by making them almost black, and most of the green vegetation is rendered in white values.

These unusual results ensure interesting results for many subjects, from portraits to landscapes, nudes and architecture.

When used without a filter, it behaves like ordinary black and white film, but with its extended red sensitivity, which in portrait or nude photography, for example, allows skin imperfections to be softened.

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