ILFORD Pan F Plus ISO 50 - 1 film 120
ILFORD Pan F Plus ISO 50 - 1 film 120

ILFORD Pan F Plus 50 ISO 120

10,57 €
  • Film : Black and white
  • Format: Film 120
  • Sensitivity: ISO 50
  • Grain : Extra fine
  • Support: Acetate
  • Process : B&W
  • Buy a set of 10 at 9,09 € each and save 14%.

Pan F Plus film is the slowest film manufactured by Ilford. When image quality is paramount and ultra-fine grain is more important than sensitivity, Pan F excels.

Perfectly suited to subjects such as architecture, landscape and studio work, this film delivers giant enlargements while retaining an extraordinary grey scale and rich detail.

For technical or scientific applications, it can be developed to provide high contrast.

Development of this film in PMK is recommended: dilution 1+2+100, 9 minutes at 21°C. Exposure at ISO 25.

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