CineStill Xpro C-41 800 Tungsten 135-36
CineStill Xpro C-41 800 Tungsten 135-36

CINESTILL Xpro C41 800 Tungsten 35mm

18,52 €

Cinestill offers Kodak Vision3 500T (cinema) film to photographers, making it compatible with the C41 frame.

  • checkFilm : Colour
  • checkFormat : 24x36 film
  • checkSensitivity : 800 ISO
  • checkNumber of views : 36
  • checkProcess : C41

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Cinestill extrapolates films intended to be developed in the ECN-2 (cinema) process and makes them compatible with C41 chemistry.

CineStill Xpro C-41 800 Tungsten 120 is an ISO 800 film balanced for artificial light, derived from Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 cinema film.

This film is stripped of the REMJET layer which allows the film to be mechanically protected.

This film can be used at the following exposure levels:

  • ISO 800: standard treatment
  • ISO 1250: +1 treatment
  • ISO 1600: +2 processing
  • ISO 3200: +3 processing

This film performs very well in difficult light conditions.
In daylight it is recommended to use an 85B filter and to expose it at ISO 500.