ILFORD PAN 400 - 1 x 36 mm film
ILFORD PAN 400 - 1 x 36 mm film

ILFORD PAN 400 35mm

6,17 €
  • Film : Black and white
  • Format : 24x36 film
  • Sensitivity: 400 ISO
  • Grain: End
  • Number of views: 36
  • Process : B&W
  • Coding : DX

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Ilford PAN400 is a black and white film very similar to HP5+, but for a lower price.

ILFORD PAN 400 is a fast film, ideal for shooting action, especially when the available light is not very high. It has a fairly fine grain, excellent contrast and exceptional sharpness. The resulting image quality is very good. This film allows a high magnification ratio.

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