ILFORD - ORTHO PLUS 80 - 1 film 120
ILFORD - ORTHO PLUS 80 - 1 film 120

ILFORD Ortho Plus 80 120

11,29 €
  • Orthochromatic

  • Possible handling in inactinic light

  • Film : Black and white
  • Format: Film 120
  • Sensitivity: ISO 80
  • Grain: End
  • Support: Acetate
  • Process : B&W
  • Buy a pack of 10 at €9. 71 each and save 14%.

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is an orthochromatic shooting film. Although originally intended as a technical film, ORTHO PLUS offers interesting shooting potential, thanks to its fine grain and sharpness.

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is perfectly suited for landscape photography. Its limited spectral sensitivity to blues and greens makes it suitable for handling in the laboratory under inactinic light (beware, however, that this film is relatively sensitive).

Its orthochromatic nature (low red sensitivity) allows it to deliver images with denser, higher contrast reds and oranges than panchromatic film.

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is DX coded (for 135 film) for ISO 80 sensitivity setting. This is compatible with natural light shooting conditions. When shooting in tungsten light, it is best to overexpose by one value (ISO 40).

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