KODAK Tri-X 320TXP - 4x5 inch - 10 films
KODAK Tri-X 320TXP - 4x5 inch - 10 films

KODAK Tri-X 320TXP 10 4x5" film shots

36,90 €
  • Film : Black and white
  • Format : Large format
  • Sensitivity: ISO 320
  • Grain: End
  • Number of views : 10
  • Process : B&W

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The world's best-selling black & white film. Sebastião Salgado has long trusted KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X Film to express the human condition as he sees it. This classic black & white film allows for maximum overdevelopment when necessary, while its exposure latitude allows for work in the most complex lighting conditions. The distinctive grain structure adds a level of realism that is as dramatic and deep as any subject can be. TRI-X film, the truly timeless black & white film, is the world's best selling film.

  • Classic grain structure for low-light conditions and moving subjects
  • Fine grain; excellent sharpness
  • Wide latitude of exposure
  • TRI-X 400 film allows overdevelopment up to EI 1600

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